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Select your brew method

Tell us how you brew. Chemex, Aeropress, Espresso, Wholebean, Filter Machine, Stovetop, Cafetière, V60 or Domestic Espresso?

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Pick your flavour profiles

What makes your tastebuds tingle? Chocolate and caramel, fruity and floral, punchy and dark or are you super flexible?

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Pick your coffee

Hurrah! Wogan Coffee have selected your perfect match(es). Take your pick.

Step 04
Get it delivered to your door

Go go go. All orders placed before 2pm will be sent by first class post, or next day courier, either in a letterbox friendly package or in a nifty box depending on the size of your subscription.

Our plans

Wogan Monthly Favourites

For those who want to experiment.

I know what I want

Choose your own. For those who know the score and have found their favourites already.

Help me choose

Take our quiz and let us recommend a few coffees for you based on your personal preferences. Bespoke, (and fun).

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