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Perhaps you are looking for a coffee that flavour matches your current offering, or perhaps you want a coffee that goes particularly well with oat milk, or maybe a super floral coffee suited for filter; whatever it is, we can work with you to match the flavour profile that you are looking for. Having a Q-Grader and a team of highly knowledgeable staff certainly helps.

price points

Have a particular budget that you would like to stick to? No probs. We have around 15 single origin coffees to choose from, so hitting a certain price point per kilo is never an issue. Hit us up and let's see what magic we can create.


So you are looking for a bespoke blend because you want your customers to enjoy your coffee in the comfort of their own home and you would like to keep your coffee supplier a secret  and you’re not particularly fussed about having the Wogan logo or information on there - fine by us! No offence taken. Consider it done.


Bespoke blends often need bespoke labels. Make the most of our in house graphic design team and create a label slathered in your branding.

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