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Your destination for ethically sourced speciality coffee. Here, you'll find a curated selection of organic and Fairtrade-certified coffees, ensuring you enjoy exceptional quality coffee while supporting sustainable practices.


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5 products


5 products

  • Honduras Aldea Capucas

    Honduras Aldea Capucas Organic & Fairtrade

    No 02
    Butter ~ praline ~ golden syrup.
  • Honduras Swiss Water Decaffeinated

    Honduras Swiss Water Decaffeinated Organic & Fairtrade

    No 01
    Maple syrup ~ praline ~ milk chocolate.
  • Espresso Blend

    Espresso Blend Indonesia, Honduras, Ethiopia & India Organic & Fairtrade

    No 05
    Coco-pops ~ shortbread ~ orange.
  • Legacy

    Legacy Indonesia & Honduras Organic & Fairtrade

    No 08
    Dark chocolate ~ toffee ~ bonbons.
  • Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling

    Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling Organic & Fairtrade

    No 04
    Very dark ~ berries ~ dark chocolate.

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