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A huge part of making that perfect cup of coffee is down to the barista, which is why we offer tailored, complimentary training to our customers, with machine servicing and support across the UK.

With a base in both Bristol and London, we provide free tailored barista training to our customers from basic to advanced, either on site or at our Bristol Roastery.

Our new state of the art SCA Barista Training Campus is a perfect place for our customers to be trained by one of our SCA accredited Professional Baristas, and our team of qualified ASTs. We have a maximum capacity of twenty people, where you can play on a range of espresso machines, grinders and other equipment, and learn how to make the perfect coffee. Brewing methods, calibration, milk texturing, latte art, machine maintenance are all covered. If you are looking to take your SCA Barista exams, we accept teams of 8!

Our new Training Campus can now be found on 2 – 11 Clement Street, BS2 9EQ.

sca barista training course

Not a wholesale customer of ours, but looking to get your personal SCA Barista Skills certification? You're on the right page. With a team of AST certified trainers, we welcome you to take your SCA Barista Skills course with us in our on site Campus. Three days of training, three practical tests and a written online exam, and you to could be a coffee whizz. Get in touch for pricing and dates. Please email ast@wogancoffee.com for information.

we are an accredited SCA Premier Training Campus, certified by the Speciality Coffee Association.

Please email ast@wogancoffee.com for more information.

New students will be required to create a profile with the SCA, and pay a fee for each course. Students are then issued with an SCA learner number, with which we can assign a course number.


A one day course. A strong foundation of knowledge for budding baristas starting out in the industry. Gain a deeper knowledge of coffee and associated processes, learn how to dial in, steam milk, create a menu and understand health and safety.

Level: Beginner Barista
Course Fee: £250+VAT
Course Enrolment fee payable direct to SCA - £50.00


A two day course. Taking off from where we finished in Foundation. Delve deeper into machine maintenance, basic accounting, multiple drink production at high pressure moments, milk techniques, and the basics of latte art.

Level: Barista
Course Fee: £450+VAT
Course Enrolment fee payable direct to SCA - £50.00


Three day course. Four separate practical examinations and an online exam. The science of coffee and its extraction, including extraction percentages, what affects them, and how to manipulate these parameters to achieve desired results. Designed for managers and/or head baristas.

Level: Head Barista/Owner
Course Fee: £750+VAT
Course Enrolment fee payable direct to SCA - £50.00

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