our 2030 carbon pledge and commitment to sustainability

A solar powered Roastery, electric vehicles, LDPE4 recyclable bags, the Bristol Living Wage, working with local charities, Fair-trade certified, Soil Association Organic Certified, on our way to being B-Corp Certification... you get the gist.

carbon 2030 neutral pledge

We have joined with the 2030 Carbon Pledge, and are currently in the process of applying for ISO 14001 and B-Corp Certification. We were also featured as a showcase study during COP26, where James was personally invited on to a panel to talk about all of our successes in carbon reduction over the last few years - this includes both roastery spaces now being fully solar-powered and our fleet of seven electric vehicles. We also sell back any unused energy to the grid for use across the country. 


Our packaging is LDPE4 recyclable  and is delivered in fully sustainably managed forest cardboard boxes in fully loaded electric vans, charged by our very own solar panels. To reduce plastic, we also offer a zero-waste option to our wholesale customers, delivering in plastic tubs which we then collect on the next delivery and reuse.

our charity work

We are working hard towards becoming one of the biggest independent companies to give back to the local Bristol and wider community, adding another layer on top of all the work we do with local charities, such as Talk Club, Bristol Team Canteen, and Insane in the Men Brain.

refurbished roasters

Our two roastery spaces are now fitted with solar panels, which provide more than the total amount of energy that we use in a year – these are also being used to charge our fleet of seven electric vehicles for deliveries and site visits.  Our roasters (one from 1968 and another from 1991) have recently been refurbished to increase efficiency, with new modulating gas burners, improved insulation, and new control panels – we have also changed our production schedule to ensure that no energy is wasted waiting for temperature changes in roasters, and reducing gas usage by up to 60%. 


As we made the decision to truly encourage sustainability in all areas at Wogan Coffee, it was a no-brainer to partner up with Zedify; a sustainable delivery partner that could help us get us towards our goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 (being seriously reliable and friendly is always an added perk). Zedify swing by our Bristol roastery every day on their cargo bikes, driving not only sustainability and lower emissions, but also helping to cut congestion and create a quieter, safer, more liveable city. 

Zedify provides next day deliveries to almost all of our local Bristol website customers, allowing locals to get coffee to their doorstep using zero emissions. With over 4,200 deliveries made a year, Zedify save Wogan Coffee around 832kg of CO2 every year, and contributes 420 hours work for a Living Wage employed rider.

living wage employer

At Wogan Coffee, we are one of the 12,000 employers who are dedicated to paying our staff the UK living wage; ensuring that employees earn a wage that meets the costs of living, not just the government minimum.

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