Peru Café Femenino

Peru Café Femenino

No 12


Milk chocolate ~ blackcurrant ~ battenberg

SCA 84  | 
100% ARABICA  | 


A rich body, with fairly bright acidity. Notes of milk chocolate, blackcurrant and battenberg cake. 

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The farm

Founded in 2004, Café Femenino is a true success story - it was created by a group of 464 female coffee producers in Peru, to create a more equitable trading platform in the coffee growing industry, and now it’s in nine countries all over the world, and supports thousands of women farmers! To put it in their own words, they’ve ‘developed a never-before-existing market for exclusively women-produced coffee to serve as an important vehicle for social change and the empowerment of poor, marginalised women coffee farmers. We’re so proud to be involved in such an incredible movement.

Our particular coffee is grown by 800 women, all part of six associations within the CECANOR Co-Operative. Due to the number of farms involved, there’s quite a range of varietals used in this coffee - there are your usual Bourbon, Catuai, Catimor and Typica, and then also the significantly rarer Gran Colombia and Villa Sarchi. Villa Sarchi is actually a natural mutation of Bourbon, that was created in a Costa Rican village named, you guessed it, Sarchi - it grows really well under shade, and at higher altitudes. 

What our team says

"To kickstart the day! Rich bodied, milk chocolate and a nod to the female-only cooperative running the show." Heather 

Type of grind:

Why Wogan?


We work closely with farms worldwide to make sure that coffee farmers are paid a fair price, through Fairtrade and our own Direct Trade certifications. Working hard with coffee farmers to improve their lives and the lives of their families.


We maintain long term relationships with our carefully selected coffee farms, to provide the stability they need to plan for the future. The added bonus? Coffee that improves with every single crop, as their farming practices and equipment improves.

LDPE4 Recyclable

Helping you to do your bit. Our bags are LDPE4 recyclable, meaning they can be recycled in supermarkets. Alternatively, you can check with your Local Authority to see if they will collect it for you. Green lights include mentions of; bread bags, frozen food bags, squeezable bottles, bubble wrap, and carrier bags.

Carbon Pledge

We've pledged to be carbon neutral by 2030, and we're already well on the way. Our warehouses are now powered by solar panels, with the extra juice fuelling our fleet of electric vehicles.

Sustainable and ethical

We've made it this generation's mission to put sustainability at the forefront. We’ve pledged to be Carbon Neutral by 2030 and are well on our way to getting there. LDPE4 recyclable bags, a Roastery powered entirely by solar energy, and a hell of a lot more.

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our story

We, at Wogan Coffee, have been lovingly hand-roasting speciality, ethical, sustainable and traceable coffees since 1970. In our third generation, and a wholly independent family company, you can find us rooted in Bristol; the same city as when Mr Wogan established the business over fifty years ago. Laura and James, grandchildren of the bowler hatted gentleman, now have the ropes firmly in their grasp; James as our resident Q Grader in the Bristol Roastery Headquarters, and Laura in London.

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