Wogan Coffee & Sustainability

Wogan Coffee & Sustainability

It's great being big in the community. We love our customers, supporting charities and other warm glow in the soul activities, but it's not just our coffees that are global. So's our ambition. We're thinking bigger than just coffee. We're working towards carbon neutrality that will help the planet.

Shouldn't every business be doing that though? 100% correct. Our mission, if you choose to accept it, is to join us on this epic journey. It won't be as smooth as your Wogan brews, but we'll get there.

How can we reduce waste during the roasting and manufacturing process, and minimise our carbon footprint during distribution?... 

Big box, little box, cardboard boxes

It's the little things at Wogan Coffee, done at scale that will help us improve sustainability. We're changing the size of our cardboard boxes so that they hold far more coffee, reducing cardboard waste, and it means less van runs and energy used.

What's in the box?!

Nothing scary, just reusable tubs rather than bags for our local deliveries. There’s a small charge for them which we credit back to you when returned. These 10kg tubs are great for our vans, using less fuel with less time on the road. They’ll  be great for zero waste - but we’ll be keeping a beady eye on innovative sustainable packaging solutions that are truly recyclable or compostable alternatives. 

It's a coffee fuelled road trip

Sustainable, ethical and traceable coffees? Sorted. Better logistics to reduce our footprint? Check. We're maximising outgoing delivery routes with full vans and more efficient route planning. Incoming, we've got larger deliveries of raw coffee every 3 weeks, massively reducing mileage and emissions. 

Oh, and we're investing in a fleet of electric cars and vans to zip around delivering outstanding coffee to our discerning customers. 

Onsite. Out of sight, man

Our warehouse is getting a sustainable refurb with a new brew bar, bean shop and fully certified SCA training campus area. That means new, energy efficient  lighting and heating systems throughout both premises. 

The roasters work tirelessly, and sometimes they need a pick me up as much as you do. Especially our gorgeous 1970 and 1990 models. We've replaced the old gas burners with brand new modulators - super accurate + less gas used = super-efficiency. It all adds up.

And, once they're on, they're kept on throughout the day - no more waiting for them to heat up. or cool down. Time saved. Energy working harder for us.

A little ray of sunshine

We've not just spruced inside, we've also installed solar panels on both premises - they produce all the electricity we'll need each year, including for electric car and battery storage. In the summer we'll be sending it back into the grid.

That's how we do business, and hopefully this refreshed burst of sustainable activity means we can keep making and serving coffee for another 50 years. No planet? No people, no coffee. It's as simple as that.