Breakfast Blend Loose Leaf Tea

Breakfast Blend Loose Leaf Tea


Kush Tea, Breakfast Blend loose leaf premium quality tea. Ethical and sustainably sourced.

Flavour notes: Classic, smoky, oak.

Our Breakfast Blend is a 50-50 blend of High-grown Nilgiri FOP from the Glendale tea estate, and Assam TGFOP1 2nd Flush tea from Tezpur & Gogra.

The Nilgiri brings aroma and the Assam brings maltiness and body.


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A breakfast blend of premium quality black teas, and a perfect way to start your morning.

With antioxidant properties that decreases cell damage in the body, black tea contains polyphenols, including catechins, theaflavins and thearubigins, which are the main sources of antioxidants in black tea and may promote overall health. It can also help to improve gut health, reduce blood pressure and lower blood sugar levels.

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