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Nutcessity Nut Butter is now available to buy online or in our Bristol shop!


It’s trendier than ever to be body conscious but in the last year or so, certain types of food seem to have wriggled their way into everyone’s shopping baskets, Instagram feeds and menu’s. From the humble avocado – the nations favourite brunch time berry (would you believe it?!) to magical pieces of ‘mermaid toast’ that appeal to everyone’s inner mythical creature, we live in a time where food is fashion and it’s looking better than ever.

One of the most versatile food trends that can be used at breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner is everybody’s  favourite; the American spread- rich, creamy peanut butter. Add it to porridge with banana and cinnamon or try it on an Asian themed Korean fried chicken burger – it really does go with everything, and people aren’t afraid to experiment with it. Peanut butter has well and truly infiltrated the UK .

Though this latest food craze is sadly not one that can be enjoyed by all. For those food conscious fanatics who have made the mindful switch to veganism and for those unfortunate enough to have a gluten or peanut allergy, tucking into a steaming bowl of satay noodles, or powering through the day on peanut protein bars is simply out of the question.

But never fear, Mike is here with a healthy alternative to peanut butter that is gluten free, low in sugar, high in protein and even better, suitable for vegans. Nutcessity nut butters are the perfect topping for your toast and taste incredible dolloped onto chia seed pudding. Mike who has both a peanut allergy and adopted a plant based diet, makes his nut butters using just Brazil nuts (25%), organic cashew’s (25%) and coconut flakes (25%) with four different flavours developed; Carob, Espresso, Gingerbread Spiced and Himalayan Salt.

Now we are slightly biased but we’re not lying when we say the espresso butter is particularly good and gives you a much needed morning caffeine kick when added to your breakfast. Using Wogan Coffee beans, we tried and tested various single origins and blends to ensure that the finished product packed a punch whilst complementing that beautifully nutty crunch. After several tweaks, it was decided that our Organic Fairtrade Mandheling beans ground for espresso gave that dark, rich get up and go after-taste that lingered for longer than the nutty taste itself.

Nutcessity butters are now available to buy online at or in store from The Better Food Company (St Werburghs, Wapping Warp, Clifton), Elemental (Stokes Croft), Milk Teeth (Portland Square) and Yogafurie (Ashley Down). Nutcessity is also part of online food market The Food Assembly which focuses on fresh, local produce.

With beautiful branding, recyclable packaging and ethical sourcing of ingredients, Nutcessity is a guilt free luxury that won’t break the bank.